Nadir Positano


Since 1980 Nadir has produced high quality collections inspired by the past. Based in Positano on the Amalfi coast, the label creates romantic, feminine pieces with a vintage touch.  The Nadir woman is romantic, feminine and comfortable to express her feelings – patchwork and layering have always been the label’s trademarks.

 Annamaria was responsible for the creation of Nadir in 1980 together with siblings Nino and Sandra. Her first designs were inspired by dresses she used to make for her dolls from old pieces of fabric found in her grandmother’s chest. ‘There is a certain nostalgia attached to pieces that bring back warm memories’, Annamaria said. Most pieces are made of crisp and textured fabrics creating an easy-to-wear, fashionable scrunched-up effect. Annamaria continues to seek inspiration by travelling through the Italian countryside, researching new trends, colours and concepts.


IMG_3699 IMG_3764 IMG_3822 IMG_3873 IMG_3903 IMG_3982 IMG_4476

 IMG_3699 IMG_3764 IMG_3822 IMG_3873 IMG_3903 IMG_3982